Welcome to the Stitchingbuddy.com website! This is a small business made to create Cross stitching and hand stitching accessories. 

We have products that you didn’t even know that you need. We have needle organizers that fit into needle organizer boxes. These are for your pre-threaded needles and the boxes are great to protect your threads from our favorite fur babies to our wonderful grandchildren or even our spills.

There are needle minders that are small to extra large. Have a huge project? We have a needle minder for that. We have small ones too and everything in between. All have rare earth magnets (or also called Neodymium).

Are you tired of losing count while you are stitching? Can’t get up and get a refreshment till you finish this row? Did someone talk to you and make you lose count? We have a solution for that. They are called pin stitch counters. You put one end in at the beginning stitch count it out once and put the other end in at the end. There you go, all marked, you can get up, you can talk, you can even put it away for the night and come back and just pick up where you left off and not re-count it. Have a huge project? No worries! Our pin stitch counters have lobster clasps so they detach from the ribbon and can be used on any size project.

Do you have a hard time deciding where to put your WIP (Work In Progress) when you are not working on it? How about a WIP shelf? These shelves come with a bar and 2 material hanging clips that are specifically made for material so that there is no damage done. Have multiple WIPS? No worries, you can order extra clips and hang several. This way no fur babies or spills to worry about.

We have over 200 items to choose from, a little something for everyone. We are adding things weekly so make sure to come back often and check on our inventory for the newest things.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We will get back usually within a few hours at most. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!